Let's do this

The world of journalism is changing.

The medium and format of storytelling are transforming (once again) to newsletters, podcasts, subscription-led publications, etc., but the economics of the digital media are, well, messed up.

I am a lateral entrant to journalism from the world of blogging. After I quit Microsoft in 2011, I got catapulted into the world of technology journalism almost as a culmination of my tech blogging of many years. Since then, I've written for some top international publications like Forbes, ZDNet, Gizmodo, et al and leading dailies in India, including Mint, Firstpost, and Hindustan Times.

But evolve we must. While I continue to write for several publications on the web, often, I have more to say than those publications can accommodate in terms of editorial scope or what-brings-the-clicks. So, here we are. I just want to tell stories that I hope some people want to read.

Here, you'll find my opinions (and I often have strong ones), interviews, analysis, and more. It's an experiment, along with many I've undertaken in recent months or are coming up.

  1. There's my free, weekly newsletter on all things Microsoft, Ctrl + N.

  2. My upcoming podcast on the intersection of tech and culture, The String with Abhishek Baxi.

  3. A publication focused on podcasts and podcasting, The Podcast Hub.

And now, this. All of these are products of the desire to talk tech without the dudes/geeks-talking-tech-for-dudes/geeks content we see on tech publications, YouTube, and elsewhere on the web. I'd even delve more to find out what you'd want to read.

This costs time and I have bills to pay. And so, I seek your support. If you appreciate my work on either of these platforms, you can add fuel to my efforts by buying me a coffee. If you don't, I'll assume you're not inclined to pay, which is fair. We'll still be friends.

Occasionally, to experiment, I'll also set some stories here on ScrollStack as paid, usually for a small amount. I'd like to observe the intent of the readers to make micro-payments to read something that is interesting (at least to a few!).

So, as I said, let's do this!

Photo by Danielle MacInnes

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